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August 26, 2016



Ever had that feeling where you’re about to leave your house to go to yoga class and you feel your tummy grumble? You take a look at what’s in your kitchen, but then you hesitate to get anything because you don’t want that full and heavy feeling during your practice.

Or how about that feeling when you just finished an invigorating yoga session and you’re craving for a little treat to reward yourself?

Let’s face it, yogis. As much as we want to feel light and easy before or after our practices, our bodies need fuel to support our workouts. I’m not talking about gorging down heavy rice meals, steaks, or pizza! We still need our bodies to focus on our practice and not on digestion.

What we need to complement our yoga are quick and light snacks to give us the energy boost we need for our practice while staying healthy and strong. Here are 6 delicious guilt- free treats you can munch out any time as the perfect pre- or post- yoga snack.




1_Mana Bites

Inspired by her trip to Bali, Chrissie of Mana Bites wanted to bring back to the Philippines the goodness of incredibly easy healthy eating that is both nutritious and delectable. After all, healthy food isn’t supposed to taste horrible!

All of the Mana Bites products are made by hand and are made only from wholefood ingredients. This means allowing an extra day a week to simply make the base ingredients like tahini, almond butter, cashew butter, and dried fruits.

The Dark Knight cookie (P150 per pack of 4) is one of their bestsellers. It is flourless and gluten-free since cashew meal, almond meal, and coconut flour are used to replace white flour.

What makes it the perfect healthy snack for yogis? If you’re looking for a real hug on the inside to reward yourself after an intense yoga practice, the Dark Knight cookie will do just that! The protein from the almonds and cashews in the cookie are good for repairing muscles while you get a clean energy boost from the cocoa and the coconut.

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Have you ever tried a smoothie bowl? Michael, Stephanie, and Ivania introduced Brazil’s favorite healthy snack to the Filipino market with their unique Acai smoothie bowls.

Each Incredibowl is a complete meal on its own! It can be consumed as a hearty stand- alone breakfast, yummy dessert, or practically any meal occasion you can think of.

The Morango bowl (P150) has easily become a crowd favorite. It is primarily made of Incredibowl’s signature Acai berry smoothie base topped with fresh strawberry and banana slices, crunchy homemade honey oats, and a dollop of scrumptious almond butter.

What makes it the perfect healthy snack for yogis? The Acai berry by itself is considered as a superfood because of its extremely high antioxidant content and its complete vitamin profile. Those following special diets need not fret as all bowls are organic, vegan, and Paleo as well.

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Healthy and affordable is the mantra of Greenola. This is what motivated April and Karl to come up with their own trail mix line.

The beauty of granola, trail mix, or candied nuts is how easy it is to eat with almost anything! It can be paired with a light yogurt or topped on a salad.

The Nutty and Nice candied nuts (P130 per pack) is a combination of cashews, almonds, walnuts, and pecans coated with coco sugar and a dash of Himalayan pink salt. It has a balanced sweetness from the coco sugar (which is healthier than the regular refined sugar) and the saltiness of the Himalayan pink salt (which has more nutrients than the regular white sea salt).

What makes it the perfect healthy snack for yogis? The candied nuts contain healthy calories and antioxidants, which are exactly what yogis need to stay fit.

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I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan PH

4_I can't believe its vegan ph


The name says it all! Krizia, a vegetarian, and Jamie, a baker, were challenged to recreate vegan versions of our favorite comfort foods. What started with Mushroom Burger and Cauliflower Cake soon evolved into the business venture called I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan PH.

Not all vegan food are healthy; there are vegan junk food out there too. But I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan guarantees the use of only fresh, natural, and wholesome ingredients.

Whether vegan or non-vegan, the Raw Energy Bites (P150 per pack) is a great snack especially for people with sporty or active lifestyles. It comes in four different flavors – original (cocoa based), acai bliss, cranberry and nuts, and nutty white.

What makes it the perfect healthy snack for yogis? The Raw Energy Bites are filled with vital life force energy called chi or prana, which is also a focus in our yoga practice. Each energy ball is nut-based and superfood-packed which makes it high in protein.

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5_Take root

As a kid, our mothers always reminded us to eat our share of greens. With Take Root’s delicious variety of plant-based food, it becomes very easy to do so!

Monica and Aileen drew their inspiration to create Take Root from the beautiful and abundant local produce available in the Philippines. Snack bites such as Cauli-Broc Chicharon and Fruit Chewies feature produce that is gently dehydrated to retain their nutrients and enzymes. All products are plant-rich with no refined sugar, preservatives, or additional additives.

Their famous Kale Chips (P220 per bag) are the stars of the show with flavors such as Vegan Cheeze and Sour Kream. It is time to finally make that switch from the deep-fried potato chips to this healthy alternative.

What makes it the perfect healthy snack for yogis? Apart from being gluten-free and vegan, Kale Chips are high fiber, high protein with no transfat and zero cholesterol. They are packed with vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesium to give you that clean fuel you need to support your practice!

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6_Earth desserts

Here’s something for all the sweets lovers out there. Earth Desserts craft healthy vegan sweets, proving that eating better doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite food. Earth Desserts started as an experiment at home for AV who just wanted to bake something for her father who is allergic to eggs and has certain food sensitivities.

Since then, AV’s repertoire of snacks and desserts expanded to cookies, brownies, brookies, and granola. Each of these tasty bites do not use any animal products like eggs, butter, or milk and instead use healthier alternatives such as flax seed and olive oil.

The Vegan Fudgy Brownies (P180 per box of 6) are the all-time best sellers. It is made with applesauce, canola oil, muscovado sugar, and dairy-free chocolate. Even non-vegans would fall in love with its rich, fudgy, and moist texture without feeling too heavy.

Why is the perfect healthy snack for yogis? After a strenuous yoga workout, you lose a lot of nutrients from your body such as carbs and protein. The Vegan Fudgy Brownie is can help replenish glucose lost during your exercise. On top of this, you get to reward yourself with a nice chocolate treat that is both scrumptious and healthy.

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Erin is a renewable energy analyst and a yogi. Apart from writing and traveling, she also loves early mornings, quaint coffee shops, and good healthy food. Follow her Instagram: @erinablaza