Perspective of a Yogi
June 4, 2016

A Gathering of Urban Yogis



Over a hundred yogis gathered and saluted the sunday morning sun last April 17 at the Urban Yoga 2016 Festival held in the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Urban Ashram Yoga Studio organised this beautiful day for modern day urban yogis. Urban Yogis embraced the sweltering summer heat simply for the love of yoga!  Together as one community, they gazed up at the clear blue sky as they raised their arms and bowed to the earth as they folded their bodies as an act of surrender and gratitude to the beautiful practice of yoga.

The heart of Urban Ashram Yoga’s advocacy is to share yoga. Because yoga isn’t just about poses or being able to do fancy transitions, but rather, yoga is a way to become more. And to become more means being awake, alive, strong so that we may contribute more positively to this world.


It was never about reaching my toes,

Or getting toned,

And doing headstands,

Though it felt good to be able to do all of them.

It wasn’t just about getting fit,

flattening my belly,

or eating right,

though it felt good to do all of them.

Yoga does much more.

It changes everything from how you see the world,

how you see yourself in it,

and how you flow with it.

It awakens you to happiness,

Its real source,

Not the kind we find in external sources,

But the kind we find deep within us all,

From that which comes from our collective Source,

Our souls.

It doesn’t just lead us toward a balanced life,

Or an awareness, and acceptance,

of both our light and shadow,

our lower and our higher selves.

It is a beginning of a series of changes that will take us to where we all yearn to be:

better human beings.

And, it feels good

To Become that.









Troy Bernardo is a yogi, filmaker, writer, artist and muay thai practitioner .  He recently won the Manhattan Film Festival for his documentary Fields of Hope, a film about the recovery of three boys from the trauma of Typhoon Yolanda (in Tacloban) through a grassroots soccer program.