Yoga Therapy
July 18, 2016


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The mind moves in different directions and because of the roles we assume as mothers, fathers, managers, students, teachers, etc,  it becomes a demand to think fast, think 10 steps ahead and think of everything all at the same time. The mind moves, so how can we find that head space? City life can be overwhelming and you’re lucky to be able to fit in a yoga class in your already hectic schedule. Does it have to take a vacation away from the city so our minds can calm down and rest? Of course, nothing beats a weekend away from the city, just staring into a beautiful horizon, that is still the best recommendation. But to have a calm mind amidst the chaos takes practice and it doesn’t need a vacation to achieve that.

Urban Yogi recommends Headspace. It’s a genius app created by Andy Puddicombe, a meditation and mindfulness expert. He traveled to the Himalayas to become a Buddhist monk and later on came back to study circus arts. With Headspace, meditation is made simple. It’s a practical approach to training the mind to becoming more mindful and has really entertaining 1 min animations about how the mind/ meditation works. You can download the app here and check out their free 10- day trial.


Click on the video links below to understand more about meditation.