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March 17, 2017



*Title photo credit: Aleff Vinicius | Unsplash.com

This is a wonderful set to strengthen your eyes, it is said that if you practice this for a couple of months you actually improve your eyesight. Whenever I do this, I notice my eyes don’t get tired, and it just feels like I’m giving my eyes the energy boost that they need. Try it out for yourself, it only takes a couple of minutes !

Tune in with the “Ong namo GuruDev Namo” mantra x3.


Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 1.51.14 PM
1) Stare at the nose without blinking. 2 min.

2) Cover one of your eyes and with the other eye stare at an object 1-2min. Do the same with the opposite eye 1-2min.

3) Inhale as you roll your eyes in one direction 10 times, as you exhale roll them in the opposite direction 10times. Do this for 10 repetitions.
4) Move your eyes quickly focusing on different objects around the room, look at both distant things and things that are close to you. 5min. (Quick movement)

5) Inhale as you look to the upper left corner of your eye. Exhale as you look at the lower right corner of your eyes. Repeat 10 times.

6) Stick your tongue out as far as you can and roll your eyes in circles. 2min

7) Siting on your heels (rock pose) lean back 60 degrees and stare at a point in the ceiling without blinking. (Your eyes will water, that’s ok) 2-3min

8) Make a U of the thumbs and forefingers and place them around the eyes, pointing forward, look straight and do breath of fire.2-3min

9) Forward bend with your legs straight, reach your chest forward, grab your toes if you can reach (otherwise chins or knees) Roll your eyes back as much as you can and stay here with long deep breathing. 5min

Close with the mantra Sat nam x 3.


Dharam Gian Kaur, also known as Ines, graduated from Miri Piri Academy, an international boarding school in Amritsar, India, that combines a rigorous academic curriculum with daily spiritual and yogic practice (Kundalini Yoga and Meditation). When she is here in Manila, she teaches Kundalini yoga and meditation in Urban Ashram Yoga and has private classes as well. 

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