Life Off the Mat
January 1, 2017



A new year, a new me. Last 2016, our manifesto was clear: that to “become yogi”, meant becoming more, becoming better. As the new year rolls in, our message has only evolved—that it is more than just becoming more awake, more alive, and stronger. Eyes fixed on a bigger prize and aiming for more than just becoming better, but rather walking the path towards becoming your best self with much more focus, commitment and gusto. Becoming is and will always be a process. Putting in the time, the patience,  the commitment and having to love ourselves a little more so that we can in turn love more and create a world where we can truly live out real and true health and wellness.


Here at UrbanYogi.ph, hand in hand with Urban Ashram Yoga, we will continue to provide you with stories, concepts, ideas,practices and ways to live your lives, your 2017 towards becoming your best self. We’re here to make your 2017 the “Year of Me”.  Let this be our manifesto for the new year:



This year, I will care for myself,

protect myself from stress,

from the chaos of the world around me,

from leading an unhealthy lifestyle

from getting sick.


This year, I will love myself

By doing that which has proven to benefit us the most:



The practice of Yoga leads to inner peace,

A healthy body


And the most effective path toward becoming a better human being.

I’d like to be that,

that better version of Me.


For the last 5 years, UAY has helped thousands of people start,

maintain and deepen their practice of yoga.


They continue to do this out of a genuine desire

to help us become our better selves.

A yoga practice is really about Us.

It’s about You.

It’s about Me.

  I’ll make 2017 the year of Me.


Photo Credit: Title photo by Ashley Batz from unsplash.com