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#BendyPeopleProblems – And Solutions!

Yoga Faqs
July 22, 2018

  Title Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash   An Anecdotal And Anatomical Introduction To Healthier Practice For The Hypermobile Some people think extreme flexibility is cool, some people think it’s borderline creepy. Based on experience, it’s got its pros and cons. Range of motion is a blessing, extreme range of motion can be a curse. I can touch my toes…


Perspective of a Yogi
March 21, 2018

Title Photo by Hideo Muraoka Hi, I’m Tami and I’m hypermobile. Which is awesome when you’re an adolescent gymnast or dancer, until you get all these old lady aches and pains before you even turn thirty. Hypermobility means your joints move beyond what is considered a normal or safe range of motion for that joint. Sometimes it’s caused…


Me vs. Yoga by Mikka Wee

Real Yogis, Real Stories
November 30, 2015

Say what, it’s November already?! October has been all about making big decisions and turning new pages. It’s been overwhelming, exciting, and scary. And while life lately has been on ultra speed, I’ve been trying my best to manage myself properly. It’s a struggle, honestly. Focus has been one of the hardest things to get together, especially given…