Women's Health
July 14, 2017


Jackie- chaturanga

We’ve all worn yoga pants outside the studio at one time or another. To do an errand, have coffee with friends or even go out to a club. I know I have. Yoga pants have slowly evolved into a now acceptable form of streetwear because of its colors, prints, styles and simply because it’s just so comfortable. The trend of “athleisure,” what society wants to call it now, has grown into an incredible market with people spending 24% more in 2016 for women’s tights compared to 2015.

Now, because of this trend where most people end up using their yoga clothes in and out of the studio a number of skin problems have been brought to our attention. When women go to the gym or to class and sweat profusely you’ll see some women who are wearing their sports bras only and just putting on a shirt or jacket before heading out or if they’re wearing a shirt they’ll just change that before leaving. Just because their pants are cute and convenient to keep on, only means that they will.

So what’s wrong with that?


You see, most yoga clothes are so tight that they pretty much fit exactly to the shape of the body. This fosters breeding ground for bad bacteria and for skin problems to develop. Here’s a list of some of them that can occur if not handled properly:

  1. It is the inflammation and infection of a hair follicle. When viewed up close it looks a little bit like a pimple with a single hair coming out of it. These can cause itching or burning sensations on the skin.
  2. It is a rash that looks a lot like yellow crusty blisters or sores and is generally found in skin creases like thighs and armpits.
  3. Yeast Infections. Wearing wet clothes for a long period of time can aggravate the growth of candida It’s something that is already present on your skin but worsens when triggered.

Although these are some of the possible things that could happen when wearing yoga pants for long periods of time when sweaty, there are ways to prevent these things from happening to you. The easiest and most obvious thing to do is to change right after you sweat. Take a shower and change clothes. Use something a little more loose and freeing after being confined in tight fighting clothes. You can also look for and use athletic wear that are made of cotton, bamboo, Tencel, nylon, spandex or X-Static. Materials like bamboo, Tencel, nylon and spandex have this amazing attribute of drawing moisture away from your skin. And it keeps you dry longer. There’s also a newly developed material called X-Static used on some athletic wear that prevents the growth of bacteria because of silver sewn into it.

And as much as there’s so much negativity going on right now about sporting yoga pants for long hours, there’s still a way to wear them whenever you want to. All you have to do is make sure you and your pants are both clean before you put them on and you’re good to go! Whether errand, lunch, date, whatever, you can wear them as long as you want! Just don’t sweat in them.




Andi Bañez teaches in a beautiful surfing province in Philippines called Siargao. She’s an avid reader and enjoys meeting and learning about people. Lately, she’s developed a liking to reading tarot cards. Follow her: @andibanez |